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Super-Insulated Foundations
A Smart Alternative to ICF Foundation Systems

By combining CertainTeed’s ThermaEZE™ or T-ROC™ with our INTEGRA™ Foundation System, we are able to create a hybrid foundation to best meet the needs of Southeastern Wisconsin.

The Coello Super Insulated Foundation gives you the energy saving benefits of an ICF while providing the strength of our INTEGRA™ foundation.


super insulated foundations
It is hard to dispute the energy saving benefits of an ICF wall system, but there are three specific drawbacks to using an ICF system below grade. These disadvantages are due to the ICF forms being primarily comprised of expanded polystyrene (EPS), a type of Styrofoam.
ICF Foundation System Super-Insulated Foundation
Styrofoam does not have strength under compression, tension, or flexion, so the forms do not hold up well when filled with concrete. Our aluminum forming system maintains its desired shape and location during and after the walls are poured.
Styrofoam is not strong enough to resist the fluid head pressure and strain put on the forms during consolidation. This makes it difficult to ensure the components of the concrete are packed tightly together. This will compromise concrete strength and may cause voids in the wall that will leak. Aluminum forms have the strength to allow for proper concrete consolidation, which will lead to a stronger, drier foundation.
Due to the properties of expanded polystyrene (EPS), waterproofing options are limited and can be less effective. Protecting the above-grade insulation at the top of the foundation is also more challenging. North America’s #1 brand, TUFF-N-DRI® Waterproofing, can be sprayed directly onto the foundation wall for enhanced protection. The HORIZON™ Foundation Finishing System is used above grade to prevent heat loss and protect insulation from harmful UV Rays.

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