Fulfilling Dreams One Basement at a Time

When building a new home, it is essential to recognize the importance of a strong foundation. While many items can be upgraded or replaced, a foundation must be built to perform for the life of a home. Serving the Milwaukee-Area for over 20 years, Coello & Associates, Inc. has set itself apart as the foundation contractor of choice for builders seeking the highest in quality, service, and expertise.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Award Winning Coello & Associates


1. Site-Specific Approach

Site-Specific Approach helps to identify and troubleshoot issues up front that could cost time and money later.

2. Quality Assurance Plaques

Quality Assurance Plaques on each basement poured symbolize dedication to solid construction practices and provide customers with our contact information.

3. Better Foundations

Better foundations = fewer callbacks = happier customers

4. Experience

Experience. Over 8000 area basements poured and a company owner with nearly 50 years of concrete industry experience.


5. Efficient

Efficient scheduling ensures jobs are completed on time.

6. Exceptional Flatwork Crews

Exceptional flatwork crews provide quality that is visibly evident.

7. Attention to Detail

Attention to detail when it comes to smooth, level walls and imbedded nailers makes us the choice of area carpenters.

8. Fully Staffed Office

Staffed office during business hours is ready to assist; no receptionist or answering service.

9. Electronic Bidding

Plans can be submitted electronically for bid and construction.

10. Personal & Online Support

Website and marketing support far exceeds that of our competition.

Customer Testimonials

Our projects have a tendency to be difficult in many ways due to  challenging sites, complex designs, various architectural styles and the need for multiple sequence pours. Coello & Associates is always up for the challenge and consistently produces a product that exceeds all parties expectations. If you use them for a foundation or flatwork, you can rest assured it will be done right!
Pete Feichtmeier

Owner, Colby Construction, Inc.

When building a new home, your foundation has to be done right, the first time, by a team of highly experienced & trained professionals.  That’s why we use Coello & Associates on all of our projects.
Craig Rakowski

President, James Craig Builders

When purchasing a home with a failing block foundation, we faced the option to repair or replace our foundation.   I chose Coello to do a new foundation and flatwork based on several recommendations, their available technology, and for their attention to details. As a homeowner, who also served as the general contractor, communication and availability of the contractor to answer questions was important.  Coello either answered the phone or got back to me within the hour with an answer.  When everything is happening at once, you do not have time to hunt contractors down, so this ease in communication was very important to me. Throughout the project, Coello was available, on schedule, and took pride in their work.
Jeff Muehleck